Evil High is a dark-hearted, light comedy role-playing game. The players take on the roles of would-be super villains in a special high school for villainy. They represent the best (or best connected) in their class, and are selected for a special after-school project: they must create an evil plan, and pull it off, using only the powers and resources available within the group.

 All the while, individuals within the team may be plotting to steer the master plan towards their particular evil ends, while the near-by Super High does their very best to bring the plan entirely to a premature close. And if it wasn't hard enough to get a group of megalomaniacs to work together, all of that is on top of the trials and tribulations of high school: crushes and feuds, popularity, puberty, and Prom. All of this is coming together at once, and on a deadline. 

Welcome to Evil High.

This site contains all the ideas necessary to adapt your favorite RPG rules to play Evil High. 
Consider it a "Core" Guidebook.