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Character Creation

    Students in AP Evil are highly motivated, overworked, and under-appreciated children aspiring for more than their fair share of wealth and resources, at the expense of others. They have spent the past 2 years in intense competition with their classmates, have been threatened with torture and expulsion at every offense, and have survived to meet their greatest challenge yet: True Villainy. They are dedicated and exceptional children.

    Evil High was written to be a platform independent game setting, empowering players and Game Masters to use any system or character creation tools they choose. Your system will be appropriate as long as it gives players a point based system to allow trade-offs between super powers, and exceptional mundane resources.
    Because players have only recently hit puberty, their powers and resources are still meek. Evil High GMs should give players between 1/4 and 1/2 of normal "adult" character power points. This is important because as aspiring villains, it must be the players' minds, not their powers, that make the difference in conflict.


Adapting Evil High 
to Savage Worlds
to Aberrant