This asset determines the wealth of a character’s family and their weekly spending money. Not everyone has a family capable of providing a generous allowance, and even the filthy rich are forced to “live on a budget” by their benefactors. Players also receive a number of personal items, up to a certain value determined by their Wealth rating. These items may only be converted into cash during the game via game pawn shops, and provide only a quarter of their original value to the character. Like stolen cars, any car purchased with cash will be lost or destroyed before the end of the current game session. Reliable cars can only be purchased for characters with the Driver’s License Asset.

1 point: $20/ week. This does little more than cover bus faire, and modest lunches. Even on Pizza Day, you need to stick to the Noodle-Cup. You have $1000 in resources.

2 points: $50/week. A decent allowance, will allow this character decent lunches, gas, and maybe a movie on the weekends. You have $3,000 in resources.

3 points: $100/week. Very generous. You have $10,000 in resources

4 points: $250/ week. You have $25,000 in resources (+2 Reputation "Spoiled")

5 points: $750/ week. Excessive. You’re very likely out of touch with your peers. You have $750,000 in resources. (+3 Reputation "Spoiled")