Contacts are a person or people in a position of authority. Someone who can help the player get unusual resources or political influence. A Contact is not a close friend, and will not put themselves in jeopardy for a player, but they can be counted on when the going gets rough. Consider them to be NPCs who owe the player a favor, or are perhaps being blackmailed. Contacts are not permanent assets. Contacts are only good for a few small favors, or a single large one. Players may spend up to 5 points on this asset, divided any way they choose.

1 point: Minor Contact. Modest influence within the school. ie. Lunch Lady.

2 points:Minor Contact. Minor influence within the city. ie. Electronics Store Manager.

3 points: Moderate Contact. Moderate influence within the city. ie. Police Officer.

4 points: Major Contact. Great influence within the city. ie. Chief of Police.

5 points: Influential Contact. Nation-wide influence. Director of FDA.