Mobile Device

Cell phones are nice, but they’re not free. And they certainly aren’t secure. Police, hackers, ex-KGB agents, and bored teenagers can all crack the security on modern cell phones, and use your own phones to monitor your conversations and movement. Sure, you can let the Millionaire buy you a phone, but do you really trust that he’ll respect your privacy, and won’t use it to track your movements and blackmail you? Subscribe to SecuriNET Mobile, and this won’t be an issue. SecuriNET is the only mobile and internet provider that provides an impractical 1024 bit encryption for all communications on its network.

1 point: SecuriNET Brick mobile phone. The oldest mobile phone on the market, this sucker has no screen, and rotary dial. You can’t interact with call routing systems voicemail, caller-ID, or receive texts, but the thing is solid as a rock, and nearly unbreakable.

2 points: SecuriNET Basiq mobile phone. Capable of Talk, Text, and e-mail.

3 points: SecuriNET Touch Tablet. Do a little more, with the help of Purchased Apps! Your mobile device is a low powered computer capable of many simple functions from video/audio recording, internet browsing, and games. Computing power is low, and so is battery life.

4 points: SecuriNET Mobile Computing Platform. This high powered mobile computer system fits a complete computer system on one simple, rugged forearm device. Capable of high powered computer functions like audio and video editing, it’s got a built-in 5” screen, and qwerty keyboard. It can take a punch, and play your favorite songs. The only thing it can’t do is look cool. (+Reputation(Nerd))

5 points: SecuriNET Integrated Deluxe. This is a pocket portable mobile computer/phone  uses wireless sensor pods clipped to the belt, and a pair of regular looking sunglasses to display an augmented reality display for the user. This display is semi-transparent and can be seen without blocking normal line of sight. User is presented with a virtual keyboard they can interact with by touch (sensors on the glasses and belt detect hand and head movement), and windows are positioned and moved by touch as well. Using this makes you look like a web-head, but it’s also a status symbol. Does not respond to voice commands, wait for the next year’s model. (+2 Reputation (Nerd)).