For Teens, their Parents are a strong controlling influence in their life. Purchasing points in this attribute lets you determine some of the ways they can help you. Characters without this attribute still have parents, they just can’t be counted on for anything but punishment. Higher ratings inherit all benefits from the lower tiers.

1 point: Latch-Key. Your parents are out basically all of the time, but will let you have friends over and can give you some money occasionally.

2 points: Hard Workers. They may or may not understand your evil life style, but at least they’re not around to get in your way. They try to keep up with your affairs, can be counted on for helpful advice, and can be counted on for the occasional ride.

3 points: Family Dinners. They give you plenty of space, but your parents make sure to see you almost every day. Your parents can be counted on for good advice, a shoulder to cry on, and to bail you out of trouble when the need arises.

4 points: Influential. Not only do your parents have an active interest in your education, but they go out of their way to see you excel. They might be a little meddlesome, but they have your best interests at heart. Your parents will be disappointed in you, but they can be counted on to get you out of a sticky bind.

5 points: Powerful. Your parents are deeply respected in area politics. One call from them will have the police bending over backwards to earn their favor. They are definitely more into your business than you care for, but there’s nothing you can do about it. They play a strong role in your life, and will be featured prominently in the story.