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Character Concept

    When building an Evil High character, players should start with a concept. On your own or with the group, consider the types of villains you would like to play. Do you want to be an aspiring mad scientist, perhaps obsessed with only the most unusual experiments? Would you like to be an eco warrior, protecting the earth from mankind? Maybe a cleverly named brawler, who brings comic relief to the party by blabbing the secret plan at every opportunity? Evil High allows players to build any style villain, and the humor and challenge of the game is generally focused on the characters themselves, so players should take care to create villains they really like.

    One important thing for players and GMs to keep in mind during character creation is the tone of the campaign. Generally, Evil High is supposed to be a PG-13 style comedy, and it is strictly against the rules for the players to kill anyone. With that in mind, any players wanting to create a character named “The Murderator,” should probably work on a new concept.

    As well, players need to start the game by recognizing that AP Evil is a group project. While their villain may have aspirations for total world domination, despite their group being full of enemies and drama, they are only going to get there by working with their classmates to finish this project first.