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    As happens at all high schools, the students organize themselves into cliques of common interest. In most schools these cliques are based on style of clothing, types of music, after school activities, and ethnic group. At Evil High, there are different metrics that the students use to unite and divide themselves.
    At Evil High, students tend to sort themselves into groups based on origin, talent, or interest. Players are in their second semester of their Junior year, and the majority of the AP Evil class should be well established within one clique or another. Each clique carries with it unique social baggage: reputation, allies and enemies.         
    A clique is the social group that the student hangs out with. They are generally grouped by villain style, so with the GM’s help it should not be difficult to find one that suits your villain.
    A clique is just a social group and a stereotype, and it does not need to define your villain. Some villains are hybrids, and could be a member of multiple cliques, but even these villains have to settle on one primary group to eat with at lunch.
    A villain's clique determines what starting bonuses and drawbacks they receive, who their likely enemies and allies are, and gives players a framework to start their role play.
“Gimme your lunch money, or else I’m gonna break more of your ribs.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to cut off your arm, and replace it with... something else?”

Puppet Masters
“Oh no Mr. Hero. I am not your captive. I have you right where I want you.”


Normal Kids with Incredibly Demanding Parents
“I’m not really a bad guy, my parents just sent me here because it looks good on College Apps.”