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“Gimme your lunch money, or else I’m gonna break more of your ribs.”

These villains tend to be heavy on muscle, and light on brains. The kind of person you want on your payroll, and no one else’s. At least that’s the stereotype.

The Bruiser has probably been told his whole life that he’ll never be a super villain. After all, isn’t a big arm and a small brain better suited to a Super Hero? The Bruiser was probably told that that the best he can hope for is a position as a henchman. This probably pisses the Bruiser off. And an angry Bruiser is something no one wants to be around.

Generally possessing superior strength and toughness, a Bruiser is instrumental in every team of villains. When the going gets rough, the Bruiser makes the way flat, and everyone can get along with their business.

Bruisers tend to get picked on in Evil High for participating in sports and not having the best grades in Mind Domain classes. But they’re usually picked on from afar, by instigators who have room to run away.

Bruisers are actually a class of villains that include Blasters, Busters, Breakers and Brawlers. Any B-word that means that their specialty is heavy violence. Ironically, this fondness for violence means that Bruisers are the closest villain group to Super Heroes.

Bruisers are appreciated by good leadership, and are often sought after as bodyguards to the obscenely rich. This means that generally, Millionaires with a minor physical defect and an overdeveloped sense of entitlement show proper respect to Bruisers. This respect is appreciated, and (generally) repaid in loyalty. 
Bonus to  a Physical Trait
Ally: Millionaires; Enemy: Mad Scientists

Mad Scientists on the other hand, tend to have a very different set of values from Bruisers. They want everything clean, and neat, sorted and catalogued. They spend all their time planning, scheming and generally thinking that everyone is dumber than they are. Generally the Mad Scientist makes no attempt to conceal this attitude from Bruisers. To make matters worse, Mad Scientists tend to believe that their gadgets compensate for their physical weakness, so they tend to be not only rude, but arrogant as well. Needless to say, Bruisers don’t appreciate this