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Mad Scientists

 “Are you sure you don’t want me to cut off your arm, and replace it with... something else?”

Bonus to a Mental Trait
Ally: Shadows; Enemy: Bruisers

Mad Scientists put a strong emphasis of brains over brawn. Sometimes obsessed with world domination, and sometimes obsessed with experimentation, the mad scientist is almost always obsessed with something. 

The blind pursuit of their craft, despite all logistical and ethical barriers is what differentiates a mad scientist from your run-of-the-mill scientist. This is both a benefit and a drawback.

Mad Scientists tend to do very well at Evil High. Their emphasis on Academics is appreciated by their professors, and there are a lot of opportunities for costumes and tasteful monologuing. It is really a classic archetype that is appreciated throughout the culture of super villainy as a whole.

A Scientist needs someone she can rely on. Someone she can count on, to do exactly what is asked, on time, with no burning trails of ruin leading back to her secret lab. That is why they get along so well with the Shadow. Shadows and Mad Scientists tend to share an appreciation for subtlety, careful effort, and hard earned skill.

Bruisers on the other hand, are not reliable associates. Not all Bruisers mind you, but most of them, are just as bad as Heroes themselves. Violent, ugly brutes, who revel in destruction, disorder and chaos. It seems that the larger a person is, the less they care about artful creation. Of course the mad scientist knows this is just a stereotype, but she also knows that some stereotypes are true.