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Normal Kids

...with Incredibly Demanding Parents
"I'm not really a bad guy, my parents just sent me here because it looks good on College Apps."
Surprisingly enough, there are a handful of these students every year. They don’t wear costumes, they don’t break down into evil laughter, they don’t really fit in with villain culture at all, but they do their best.

Normal Kids with Incredibly Demanding Parents work hard to succeed at their academics and electives, and generally, despite their unseemly origins, they do pretty well. They prove that hard work trumps heritage by putting a true and earnest effort into all of their activities.

And if a “Normie” is able to success in his classes, generally, the other kids at Evil High will let him go without much grief.

Normal Kids with Incredibly Demanding Parents only make it into their Junior year after a lot o hard work, and success. The character will understand what the textbook model villain should be, possibly better than the earnest villains in the group. He will occasionally correct other students, and may model his behavior after these ideals, since that is what is expected of him.
The “Normies” didn’t get to Evil High by following their hearts. They got there by obeying their parents. Without exception, the parents of these students are overbearing, demanding, and absolutely unforgiving in regards to their child’s academic performance.

The Normal Kid with Incredibly Demanding Parents must take the Parents Asset.

Bonus to Academic Skills

Ally: None; Enemy: None

The Normal Kids with Incredibly Demanding Parents do their best to stay out of everyone else’s way. They keep their heads down, they focus on their classes, they participate in discussion, and depending on the strength of their conviction, generally, succeed. They know enough of the material to impress the other students, they don’t wear costumes, but they don’t pretend to be a goody two-shoes either. Generally speaking, the Normal Kids with Incredibly Demanding Parents do alright at Evil High. At Home, it’s a different story.