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Puppet Masters

“Oh no Mr. Hero. I am not your captive. I have you right where I want you.”

Puppet Masters are manipulators and controllers. They see themselves as the ones pulling the invisible strings that bring a plan together. Luring guards away from their post? Puppet Master. Infiltrating the agency as the International CEO in disguise? Puppet Master. Taunting the Hero into a blind Rage? Puppet Master. They are crucial to any plan with a shred of subtlety.

The Puppet Master believes himself to be the most powerful villain, because he is the one that is least suspected. The next door neighbor. The charmer. The rogue. He is so good with people, that even when all the evidence points to him, people say “Oh no, not Charlie. He feeds my Pomeranian when I’m out of town!” At least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Within Evil High, Puppet Masters are an unusual Clique. Though they would prefer to integrate with other groups, and spread their ideas and influence, as a school full of aspiring Villains, the other kids are very suspicious of them. Add to this their incredibly social nature, and they are pretty much forced to eat together.

Mind Control powers are common amongst Puppet Masters, and this is one of the most corrupting abilities that people can possess. Mind Controllers so often turn to Villainy, that Super High has a special outreach program to get them to enroll. Evil High's is better.

Bonus to a Social Trait

Ally: Any 

Enemy: Any

The Puppet Master walks a very fine line between social acceptance, and total rejection within Evil High. They desperately long to be accepted by their peers, but because of their manipulative nature, and despite their gifts, most are even refused friendship. However, some Puppet Masters are genuine enough, or clever enough, to earn the trust and friendship of their classmates.

Players may choose in secret after the first game session, whether to become allies or enemies to the Puppet Master. Since only a fool would make themselves susceptible to manipulation and mind control, players choosing to become an enemy to the puppet master will get an experience bonus.