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Some Villains are gifted with extraordinary abilities that differentiate them from Normies. These powers express themselves in vastly different ways, from technology to magic, natural mutations, and many others. Unfortunately characters in Evil High are still young, and their powers haven't matured yet. As such, they tend to have some pretty steep drawbacks.

Not all Villains have powers. Some are villainous through exploitation of their vast resources or influential contacts, and some are just regular people who have a problem with authority. Evil High allows players to design any villain they want to play by converting unwanted power points back into mundane character traits.

Evil High Characters should be given between 1/4 and 1/3 of the power points recommended for starting characters. This may mean they can't buy normal powers out of the book, but limitations and drawbacks can be applied to reduce their costs. Some examples are below.

Always On: This power is always active, and cannot be disabled. 

Concentrated Effort: This power is only active if the user spends their entire action concentrating on it. This is only appropriate for sustained powers. 

Embarrassing: This power causes shame for the villain. 

Gadget: This power comes from a device of some sort. If the device is damaged, stolen, or disabled, the power will not work. 

Incredibly Weak: This power is incredibly weak. Perhaps it deals only superficial damage, allows for only a small change to take place, or makes its user only slightly stronger. 

Injures User: The use of this power causes Physical or Mental Damage to the user.

Requires Fuel: This power requires a rare and consumable fuel to be used. 

Reduced Damage: This power does less damage than it normally would (adjust as appropriate for your system). This can only be applied to powers that cause damage. 

Uncontrollable: This power can be activated, but once started, the character cannot choose when or how to stop it, often with disastrous consequences. 

Unreliable: This power is inconsistent with its effects, duration, damage, and range. 

Very Specific Target: This power only works on a very specific target. For example, a magnet gadget would only effect metal objects, a swarm of termites could only effect wood, or a shrink ray might only effect hands. Very Specific Target can be used to select a specific type of Animate (Human Men, Alien Women, Brooms), but it must be appropriate to your character, and GM approved. 

Very Visible: All persons in the vicinity (even without line of sight) are fully aware that you are using your power, and exactly what it does.