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Current Events

The following are news articles are story seeds that players will use to create their Evil Plan. They represent people, places and objects within the Evil High Universe, that can all be utilized in the creation of an Evil Plan. The GM may pick and choose between those listed, create his or her own, and request submissions from players. These are to be cut out, shuffled, and provided to players during their first session of Evil High. Players will select those they like the most, and create a classic “Evil Plan.”

Ambulatory Trees Regurgitate Bones
Central Park, once frequented by joggers and bird watchers alike, is roped off this week, as police and scientists investigate an unusual development for the city's walking flora. A pile of large bones of as of yet unknown origin, were found in a peaceful central park glade. These walking trees were the side effect of The Man's epic victory of Sir Planticus. Though capable of movement, the trees were previously thought to be harmless.

Bird flu to affect flying supers, scientists say.
"This year's flu is incredibly contagious, and miraculous," says Dr. Archer Rosewood. While it causes debilitating lethargy, and the expected honking in mortals, it's reaction to a super's enhanced immune system has scientists baffled. "It appears to be causing genetic mutation. The Super's body actually transforms into..." The Doctor was detained by private security staff before he was able to finish that statement. The current health of the famous "Dr. Wealth," who contracted the disease late last month, is still unknown.

Super High’s Super Team to Open Vintage Library for the Poor
Super High’s Super team has been hard at work after school to prepare a new library in one of the City’s poorer neighborhoods. The new library will have a “vintage” feel, including warm colors, dim lighting, and “historic” editions of modern research books, such as the encyclopedia Britannica, and Science! Magazine. “The classic editions of these research guides will really help the community get a feel for our incredible history.”

Already Discovered as far as 10 miles inland, these rat sized beasts are breeding and devouring anythgin small enough to fit in their adorable jaws. A potentially unannounced act of villainy that has claimed the lives of two vagrants, their throats torn out, and fingers devoured. “This is an intolerable act, and a crude breach of protocol.” Said The City’s leading Super Hero, “The Man.” Researchers studying the sea lions see clear evidence of genetic manipulation and brainwashing. “These little [sea lions] know 12 ways to kill a man, and that is clear evidence that someone has trained these [creatures].

Man bites dog, gains super powers
Alton Reginald, a local dog catcher, was attacked by a stray dog late last week. In the scuffle, he bit the dog in self defense, and allegedly gained super powers. Autopsy results show that the dog, a stray poodle mix, had dangerous levels of biocontaminants in its blood and stomach “Probably from drinking out of the river,” said veterinary examiners.

Flying object "just a bird," say experts
Last night's city wide sighting of a mysterious object, reported as “saucer shaped,” was in fact, “just a bird,” say experts. Experts on the subject followed up with “That's it. Case closed.”

Venue approved for "Super Science" fair
The Regional High School “Super Science” Fair is to be held in good will at the Gymnasium of Super High. Students of all ages, from all schools, will be able to demonstrate their accomplishments as budding super scientists. Super High was chosen as it is one of the few locations in the city that is hardened against military grade explosive devices. “No, we don’t anticipate any attacks, this is necessary to protect the City from what’s inside. We have some wonderful projects this year.”

Lunar Colony facing severe shortage of Dairy Goods
Lunic Enterprises lunar colony “Lunic Spaces,” is reported as facing severe shortage in all dairy products, including eggs, milk, and cheese. This shortage is due to the delay of the most recent supply ship. “We would do anything for some Mozarella,” said Colony Mayor, Virgil Erp.

Costume company offers “Frequent Flyer Miles” for cape purchases

Super High Senior Class to take “Graduation Cruise”
Thanks to a donation from wealthy Benefactor, and Senior parent Lance Hunt, the entire senior class will be treated to a one week celebratory “Graduation Cruise,” aboard Celebrity Cruise Liner “Magellan.” The cruise will take the students southward, towards tropica waters, where they will enjoy whale watching, SCUBA diving, and a unique look at the superculture of Latin America’s very own “Free City,” Tijuana.

Slain Hero took duty to heart, also Bullet
Super Hero “Hematite Hudson,” was fatally wounded in a brawl last week at a local Indian Casino. Working security for the casino, a situation turned sour when a patron was accused of felonious activity. Witnesses claim the alleged gunman fired upon Hematite “before he had a chance to completely transform,” which allowed the bullet to enter his chest. The gunman was subdued, and is currently being held without bail. A memorial service is being held in his honor at in The City later this month. All of The City’s supers heroes are expected to attend.

Controversial Hero Using Dogs as Ammunition
New Hero “Rottfirer” begins fighting crime next week, despite protests from activist groups. The issue, is that he uses trained dogs to assist in his crime fighting. According to his registration documents, there may be as many as 12 dogs on the street at any time, and this is in clear violation of city leash ordinances, as well as the three animal registration limit. Rottfirer uses a specially designed shoulder cannon, that projects 50lb dogs, at high velocities. According to scientists who designed it, it uses an experimental portal technology to receive the dogs from a kennel facility far away from harm’s way.

Flu Vaccine Shortage, following “unthinkable” accident at Lab.
Ryan Connors was a mild mannered biochemist, working for Lunatech Pharmacological Laboratories, until last week, when a freak curry accident forced him to imbibe the entire liquid contents of their vaccine cooler. The super hot Curry, combined with 120,000 doses of flu vaccine, an experimental ebola vaccine, 2 liters of Mountain Dew, and the mysterious Chemical X have transformed Ryan Connors into a contagious amoeboid blob of virii. “I just want to see my kids again,” says Connors, through lip like structures he formed on what appeared to be his back.