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Planning your Capers

    Most evil plans will involve stages where items must be stolen from secure facilities, laboratories, or school yards. For these sections of the plan, drafting the attack plan is half the fun. If your players are at all bickery, plan on dedicating an entire game session to drafting the attack plan. Don’t forget to employ a secondary “story of the night,” to keep the players focused on the world at the time.

    Unless the players have specific contacts for intelligence, have the faculty advisor provide them with a floor plan of the facility being attacked. Many floor plans for many different structures can be obtained by performing a web image search such as “lab floorplan.” I recommend giving them key information, such as camera and guard locations, access codes, etc. at this stage. This will help influence the choices they make in their attack. Be sure to leave plenty of surprises for them, super security guards, bizarre plant monsters, and security puzzles for the players to tackle.

    Alternatively, more impulsive players may enjoy running their heist fast and loose. For players who don’t wish to spend the night planning, you can give them a complex map when they arrive on-site. Both options can work out depending on your group, but it should be pretty apparent to your villains that a little planning goes a long way.