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Story of the Season, Story of the Night

    A semester of Evil High should be run like a season of a television show. The characters are working to achieve a large goal (the evil plan), meanwhile, in each episode there are dramatic flairs and goals to keep things in perspective. One way to do this is to provide short term goals and interpersonal dramas to the characters’ lives.  The following is a short list of dramatic options that a Game Master can employ to enhance the drama for a single night’s game session.

Product Placement

To make the game feel slightly more like a sitcom, use product placement for an evening. Instead of saying there is a row of computers, say there is a row of Dell computers. Instead of drinking water, make sure the players know the NPC is drinking Sobe’s LifeWater, etc.

Visiting Parents

Nothing puts a bigger cramp in a teen's style than Mom and Dad. Maybe they will be disapproving of the players, or maybe they will try to be “hip,” and act out. Have fun with it. Surprise your players. Teach the Villain something new about their family.

Significant Other drama

Some characters may have an NPC significant other. Start the session off with some drama or a fight. Put that relationship at risk. Then have that NPC them call often, and during crucial game moments.

Bad Grades!

One or more of the players is overspecializing her study time. She is at risk of getting a poor mark in a class unless she spends enough time studying. The character must bring her books with her throughout this phase of the evil plan, and spend all her spare time deep in study. Successful completion of this goal may yield bonus XP.


Prom is coming! In this game session, it is revealed that the Evil High class is the talk of the school. Celebrities in their own microcosm, their classmates are waiting and gossiping to see who the members of AP Evil will take to Prom. Each of the PCs must find a prom date. If any of them end up going to prom Stag, all players earn one point of Reputation (Loser). If they accomplish this task, all players gain one point of Reputation (Smooth).

Prom Night!

In another game session, the players must get ready for Prom, while accomplishing their normal evil plans. The players must obtain Corsages and Boutonnieres, pick up their dates, and successfully deliver them to prom. Put together a dance mix consisting entirely of remixes of Alphaville’s “Forever Young.” Prom may be a significant part of the evening, or the players may bail.

The Egg Baby! 

The task of raising a giant monster minion is not easy undertaking. During this session (which should coincide with violence) players are carrying an ostrich egg that they need to care for, as if it was a baby tentacle monster. The players are put into pairs, and forced to protect the egg for one game session. The explosive proximity detector will break the egg if it gets left behind. The players must keep the eggs on their person, and any time the take damage, the egg runs the risk of breaking. Should it break, players will receive a failing mark for the class (earn no bonus XP). Players keeping their eggs safe, despite danger, will earn bonus XP.

Glee Club!

Sectionals are coming, and the villains need to stand in for the well-trained glee club. Bring some evil themed  music, and have the players practice the song intermittently with the assistance of their Faculty Supervisor.

Picture Day!

Players are notified ahead of time, and requested to come in dressed up as their character, on photo day. Spit and polish, best shoes and all that. The GM should take their photos before the game session, preferably in front of an Evil High mural. All players who dress up gain bonus XP.

Spirit Week

It’s Spirit week at Evil High! Characters who manage to say a UNIQUE compliment to Evil High will earn 1/10 bonus XP. The GM should enforce a fairly low maximum XP bonus, but don’t tell the players that until afterwards. (Have a trusted player do compliments book keeping, otherwise it will be a pain in your ass).

Car Trouble

The car breaks down. Cars are rare and precious things in a teenager’s life. Make them dependent upon public or alternative transportation for a game session, and see how well they handle themselves.