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The Evil Plan

The first game session of Evil High starts with the characters building their Evil Plan. Not the players, their characters. It is a role-playing and game development exercise, and is one of the most engaging and important sessions in the entire season.

Generally, it starts with the Faculty Advisor distributing current events between the characters. Sample current events are provided on this site, but the GM is encouraged to include real news paper clippings, create their own fictitious ones, and take player submissions from both categories.

The characters look these over, and select about a dozen that interest them. They share these with the group, and then the malevolent gears start turning. Aspiring villains must find ways to use these as building blocks to create a sinister scheme.

Once agreed upon, this evil Plan is mapped out on paper. This will be hung up at every game session so it's preferrably as a flow-chart on poster board, done with crayon, colored pen, glitter and googley-eyes.

All students must be aware of the restrictions put in place by Evil High's faculty for these evil plans. Due to Liability, Donor Demands, and Common Decency these are the current rules as it stands:

AP Evil Plan Restrictions

No One Gets Killed

            Strictly enforced. If anyone is killed as a direct or indirect result of the students’ actions, all players will fail the class. As minors, you are all beholden to the law, and hold full legal responsibility for your actions.

Henchmen use is Restricted

            Henchmen may be used as guards, gofers, valets, etc. but may not play a key role in the Evil Plan. This plan is an assignment for the students to complete, not their parents or paid mooks. A simple guide line is that if the step is critical for the evil plan, it cannot be completed by a Henchman.

All Students Must Participate

            All available students must participate in every step of the plan. Additionally, if any of the students are permanently incapacitated, lost, imprisoned or of dimensionally transposed, the entire group will fail.

Arbitrary Restrictions

            The faculty of Evil High is allowed to impose additional restrictions or requirements on the class at any time.

Sometimes the repercussions of a plot necessitate the requirement that it NEVER BE DONE AGAIN.
See and comply with restrictions addendum below.

Koalas may not be harmed in any way, no matter how ugly they are.

Showing up at “The Café Du France” with a green ball point pen over the left ear is
 Strictly Forbidden.

No more than four puppies may be killed during any rolling seven day period.


Vice Principal Vilesmith

approved by the Shadowy Board of Education, and he PTA