Life at Evil High

    Players in Evil High are Juniors, approximately aged 16 to 17, who've applied for and been accepted to the "AP-Evil" after-school class. This class focuses on the practical application of the students' academic studies, as they must devise an Evil Plan, and carry it out all on their own. This is in addition to their regular academic lives, their active social lives, and their responsibilities at home.

    Evil High features a college level curriculum, and an aggressive “left behind, leave the school,” policy on education. The lowest scoring student in every class, at the end of every semester, is shamed, and removed from the school. Of course, the unofficial policy is that bribing the Dean an additional year’s tuition ($50,000) will keep even failing students in class for another four months. One might think that this aggressive, corrupt attitude towards education would intimidate applicants, but the school still receives almost three hundred applications per open spot in the school.

    Evil High is open to all students, provided they can meet the strict academic standards. There are no antiquarian requirements like super powers or influential parents (unlike Super High), and even the tuition is seldom an issue, as promising students in struggling families can frequently get scholarships or low interest student loans from the school’s many wealthy benefactors.

    Evil High has classes from 9th through 12th grade, and has a diverse curriculum ranging from the history and impact of evil in the world, to logistical training and firearms. Its goal is to provide students with the skills they will need to be effective leaders in whichever fields they choose to go into: super villainy, professional henching, or business.

    The daily schedule has classes starting at 8am, and continue until lunch at 12. Most students spend their lunch breaks cramming for afternoon tests, and trading cheat sheets in the lavatory. Afternoon classes are typically double period labs, or extended lectures, and let out at 3pm. When classes let out, Students are required to participate in a mandatory vocational elective, where they learn more practical skills. Some of the most popular electives are Martial Combat, Competitive Intrusion, and Woodshop.

    Students at Evil High are encouraged to have active social lives, as a mastery of politics and the study of group dynamics is a key component of the curriculum. To encourage this, the School board of Shadowy Figures has arranged for students to receive a generous student discount from the many stores and eateries in the vicinity of Evil High, with just a flash of their Student ID card.