Junior Year Mandatory Electives

Students at Evil High are allowed to assemble their own curriculum from a large pool of classes. This list is intended to provide additional depth to a players academic career, but does not carry with it any character traits or rules.

Football Team Prerequisite: Augmented Weightlifting

            Students enrolled in this elective are members of the Evil High Football team, “The Black Dragons”. Though they are firmly second place to Super High’s championship team “The Supers”, they beat all of the area’s Normy teams pretty consistently. Herein, students are trained on the finer points of hand to hand fighting, and practice general athletics. Some students even learn a thing or two about Football.

Wind Ensemble Prerequisite: Jumping between Bamboo Poles

            Students enrolled in the after school Wind Ensemble are allowed bragging rights as the most dangerous Wood-Wind section in the country. In addition to music theory, these students are trained in the finer points of delicate action and projectile motion, making these students adept at not only playing their instruments with subtlety and precision, but also at moving silently, hiding, and all manner of projectile weapons (the Wind Ensemble makes frequent field trips to the firing range).

Coerced Interrogation Club Prerequisite: Torture Resistance

            Students enrolled in the “CIC” are taught not only the finer points of torture, but the finer points of petty crime, and criminology. It’s basically run like a noir detective role-play, where some students commit a crime, and others hunt them down, and beat out confessions (hats and accents are encouraged). 

Academic Decathalon Prerequisite: Non-Euclidian Geometry

            Students enrolled in Evil High’s “Aca-Dec” team flaunt not only their Championship banner, but also expertise in a wide range of academic skills. Students enrolled in this club are trained in liberal arts, computers, and Science(!). In this case, liberal arts mostly means reading old books and wondering why they're important, computers is the complete study therein (from use to programming to hacking), and Science! is the study of all things quantifiably studied, with special attention paid to biology, chemistry and physics.

Evil Weekly, school newspaper Prerequisite: Literary Analysis

            Students enrolled in the weekly school paper become well aware of the process and practice of research and investigation. Through careful work, these students learn how to dig up the truth when it is lost or hidden. This frame of mind also makes these students empathic when it comes to the super natural, and the super-unnatural. These students are skilled in the study of these entities and powers.

Study Hall, Counterfeit Paper Writing Prerequisite: Improv Comedy

            Students enrolling in “study hall” to get some extra homework time will be sorely disappointed. More like voluntary detention, students enrolled in “Study Hall” are literally chained to their desks, and made to write papers for graduate and medical students. These papers are then sold at a high price, and the money is used to purchase number 2 pencils for the school. These students are generally aware of more advanced medicine and first aid, as well as local and foreign affairs and politics.

Evil Student Government Prerequisite: Psychology

            Students enrolled in this elective study the more subtle, and the less subtle ways of getting people to do what you want. Politics at its best, these students are well equipped to handle anyone who wants to cause them trouble, from the Police to their own Parents.

Drama Club Prerequisite: Game Studies

            Drama students at Evil High are highly trained liars and actors. The club puts on 2 plays and a musical every year, and is renowned for their stage craft, which tends make excellent use of lighting, sound, and super powers. They practice the skills of not only speaking to crowds, but of spinning lies and convincingly feigning emotions.

Evil Volunteer Society Prerequisite: History

               Volunteer work looks good on a college transcript, no matter whom you’re volunteering for.  Students enrolled in this course get the opportunity to work with both people who are down on their luck, and animals (there is a lot of similarity between these groups). These students are trained in urban survival and their contact with the downtrodden and the desperate makes them keenly aware of trials that people face outside of suburbia (gangs, drugs and police). They also get the best training for interpreting and understanding people’s actions. This experience makes students better able to see through deception, and interpret a person’s true intentions.