Super Heroes in Training

Dedicated to producing the next generation of Super Heroes, Super High is a 5 mile jog away from Evil High. Founded in 2002, it is one of a handful of schools catering exclusively to young men and women with super powers. At Super High, students learn the honorable history of heroism, the motivation of the criminal mind, and top notch self defense.

Super High’s stated agenda is to assist in the development of super heroes by proof force is only appropriate when absolutely necessary. Historically, super heroes have shown that “absolutely necessary” applies to any time someone disagrees with their ideas. These ideas include, but are not limited to “You should let us register your DNA,” to “Get in my Van.”

            Super High’s curriculum is comparable to most normal high schools, but it has many opportunities for accelerated learning, and a strong focus on athletics. There are many supers who pass through its doors with mental powers, and Super High does its best to challenge and develop their abilities. The school has a very competitive academic decathlon team, and a club dedicated to occlumency and hypnosis. But even still, there are relatively few cerebral extracurriculars, and many alumni have said that the academics and arts seem to get treated as second class.

Athletics are taken very seriously at Super High. Students are encouraged to participate in as many team sports and activities as their schedules will allow, and sometimes more. Super High has a very competitive Track and Field team (always wins), Swim Team (always wins), an amazing Basketball team (always wins), and easily the best high school football team ever assembled (13-1 last season). However, all of these groups play second fiddle to Super High’s crowning achievement in public relations: “The Super Team.”

“The Super Team” is an after school group composed of 5-8 students, and it gets actively involved in community outreach and heroism. They serve primarily as goodwill and outreach for Super High, (donations and enrollment applications are both up over 820% since the addition of the Super Team) but also provide community services, and members of the team get some of the best heroic job training available. The Super Team provides intensive training for a diverse team of supers in their fight against villainy, and provides hands on instruction regarding effective team work, and the application of non-lethal force. 

The League has strict regulations preventing minors from engaging in acts of hazardous (life threatening) heroism, and as a result the Super Team doesn’t get to fight often. In fact, because of the prevalence of firearms in petty crimes, the Superteam is basically prevented from “fighting” crime at all. During Fall semester, the most painful act you will see any of them commit is a flyering campaign protesting tropical deforestation.

This all changes in Winter Semester, when Evil High opens enrollment for their AP Evil class. As minors, the villains at Evil High have a similar restriction on the use of lethal force, and this makes them the only malicious group in the city that Super High can fight. And as aspiring heroes, they can get a little over zealous.

Super High operates with the goal of teaching students to control and develop their powers, for the betterment of mankind. The Administration encourages the students to pursue higher education, although the majority attempt to go straight into heroism. A lucky few are able to get the support they need to actually make a living off heroism, but the majority end up without a strong education, and have to settle on more mundane careers. Common jobs for uneducated supers includes but is not limited to Firefighting, Police SWAT, and Urban Search and Rescue, some, still finding themselves unchallenged, end up moonlighting as unregistered Vigilantes, a severe federal crime. Ironically, many of the “lucky ones” find that Registered Heroism isn’t exactly lucrative, and they can end up being some of the best henchmen that money can buy.