A Teen's Guide to Image Management

excerpt from Teen Supers, vol. 42
    When a person chooses to be a Hero or a Villain, they aren’t just choosing to be a super cop, or a super criminal, they are choosing to become a symbol. They are choosing to represent something far greater than themselves: Good and Evil. We are the modern theater, playing out the timeless battle, on an epic scale. This carries with it no small amount of celebrity, media coverage, and responsibility. 

As a Teen Super, you need to be aware of your public image

    All celebrities are symbols in one way or another. Their fans like them because they like what they think the celebrity represents. Fans assemble this idea from the information that is available about a celebrity: the things they do and say in the media, and they way they act in movies and on television. In order to have and maintain a fan base, a super needs to know what they represent, and manage that image. This is called the façade.
    Successful celebrities must work to be sure that their façade is consistent, and represents their fan base. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds, and many supers buckle under the pressure of their stressful lives and the constant media hype, and give up an opportunity for real long-term fame, with a single weekend bender.

    No one can be perfect all the time. No one can be good or evil all the time, but the important thing to do is recognize that everything done in public, every fight you get into, every photo that gets taken, and every comment posted on the internet, is public. All of these things can become part of your public image, and will affect your façade.

    As a Teen Super, you need to be aware of your public image, and understand that whether or not you want to be, you are a celebrity figure and as you grow older and make a name for yourself, you will get attention. Do your best to create a façade that you are proud of, that represents you, and that appeals to your target demographic.
Some Tips for Managing your Image:

1.     Don’t post comments on the internet that your fan base would disagree with.

2.     Don’t put personal photos onto the internet that your fan base wouldn’t like.

3.     Don’t put private information onto the internet, it can get hacked or compromised.

4.     Don’t allow friends to post pictures of you on social networking sites.

5.     Don’t allow friends to discuss personal information on social networking sites.

6.     Don’t allow friends onto the internet.

7.     Don’t go onto the internet.

8.     Don’t have friends.