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posted Jan 3, 2012, 7:31 PM by Good Idea Games   [ updated Jan 23, 2012, 6:59 AM ]
Unlike computer games, a boardgame's rules are merely an agreement between all players that the game should be played a certain way. This can be as flexible and as simple as needed when additional fun or challenge is warranted. At Good Idea Games, we encourage everyone to make their own fun.

Consider it a simple engineering exercise, and try the following:
1. Take a well known game, and give it a new context.
2. Add a twist to game play.

Super Dungeon Explore
Out of the box, players are merely heroes fighting monsters in a dungeon. 
What if...

New Context: Plumbing the Depths
    Players are competing politicians campaigning for the title of Mayor for the small town above the dungeon. As a campaign boast, players have promised to repair the towns damaged plumbing system, which was built in the monster-filled dungeons below the town.

New Twist:
    Though the players are cooperating to survive the dungeon, only one of them will be elected Mayor. This will be the player who connects the most voters to a functioning plumbing system.
    Voters homes have their plumbing connections built directly over Monster Spawners and Treasure Chests.

    The Dark Consul gives each player 10 pipe cleaners cut the the length of a 6 square move.
    Each Hero should have a unique color of pipe cleaner.
    A functioning plumbing system is defined as a network of pipe cleaners that connect to a dungeon entrance.
    Heroes may place one pipe cleaner during each of their activations.
        This pipe must touch the Hero, AND touch or intersect either an existing pipe, or a dungeon entrance.
    Players may connect their pipes to pipes owned by any hero.
    1 point is awarded to each player whose  pipe connects to a Spawner or Treasure Chest.
    Pipes cannot be run THROUGH a Spawner or treasure chest. When it enters the square, it is bent upwards.
    Pipes may not lay on diagonals.
    Pipes may not run parallel in the same square.
    Pipes may  only be bent in a square occupied by the hero.
    A Hero may only bend their own pipe, and may bend any of their own pipes in play.
    Bending a pipe is free (does not cost an action point).
    A connection is made any time 2 pipes cross.
    A pipe cannot be bent in such a way that moves or breaks an existing connection.
    Pipes may be laid through monsters, dungeon walls, and barriers (including across tile borders).
    Multiple players may connect to the same house, and each player can earn 1 point per house.
    A player may connect to the same house multiple times but each house is only worth 1 point per player.
    1 point is awarded to a Hero for each monster killed worth 3 skulls or greater.

These rules were written to make the game more challenging for the Heroes, and to give some fun flavor to the game. Try them out, and post a comment below to let me know what you think!