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Bogeymen is Released!

posted Jul 30, 2012, 8:27 AM by Good Idea Games
This week I have tied off my latest long-term project, the adaptation of Bogeymen from weekend-rough draft to professional product. Bogeymen (available as stand-alone download from this site) is one of five modules written for Ingenero, an upcoming narrative role-playing system.

I learned a lot through the production and play-test of this module, some highlights are below.

  • The player dynamics have a greater impact on the story than even the module itself.
  • When developing an art style for a piece, use something simple, reproducible and unique.
  • Less can be more. By providing less that's explicitly stated as part of the module, the GM is given more freedom to design the game they want to run.
I hope you choose to take a look at this, and I hope it inspires you to record and share your own modules.