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Brainstorming AI

posted Nov 12, 2012, 2:03 PM by Good Idea Games

AI (Working Title, Deus Ex Machina?) is an experiment in player interaction. If I can successfully get the play balance together, players will be cooperating together to complete a puzzle and working secretly to complete secondary agendas that may not be in others’ interests. This will create a play style where players are forced to say one thing, and do another. That’s kind of my thing right now, Manipulation and Deception in games.

 I’ve got motivation to drive players to deceive: Independent corporate goals that may adversely affect the group goal.

I’ve got methods for discovering information: Surplus actions and opportunities for clandestine information gathering and cooperative sabotage.

 The next thing I need to do is make sure that the group goal is interesting and fun.

 What I’m imagining is a heist of some sort that the players need to pull off as puppet masters rather than operators. They don’t physically exist, so they need to manipulate NPCs into doing their work for them. It’s a unique kind of story, but can I make it fun? Can I make the roles balanced between players? Can I make the heist exciting and quick? Can I write an entertaining “season”? 4 game sessions that work together to tell a larger narrative…

Here are some ideas that I am hoping to utilize: 

A fixed number of turns or encounters per Heist, requiring timing and planning for cooperative Sabotage.

Simultaneous turn planning: Each player submits their actions for each CPU cycle per encounter.

Cooperative GMing: Players have vast control over computer systems, allowing them to create virtual structures and characters on a whim. NPC interaction and manipulation will require this device.