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Dev Journal: Time Throttle 3

posted Oct 1, 2017, 10:15 PM by Good Idea Games
Grenade Effects and Splash Damage
There are 2 core elements to the game, first is a global slow-down, which should be easy enough to implement (though I haven't started). Second are grenade-style AOEs that affect movement/animation speed of any object that enter them.

Game Maker has a lot of built-in functions to handle this sort of thing, but the trick is learning which one is appropriate for my situation.

Gamepad input
This has been a lot more complicated than I expected, because Time Throttle uses Game Maker's 2D physics to handle object interactions, which precludes the use of direct object manipulation, which is what basically *all* the tutorials assume you are doing.

There's a 50 minute tutorial on creating a physics based drift racing game... I'll check that out.

Studying AOE effects

This one taught me about Alarms. I'm never surprised to learn about how little I know.

Sprite Depth: To allow the 'Time Bubble' to lay over all game objects, except generator towers 
TLDR: Set 'depth' of an object during a step event, NOT during a draw event OR as a property of the object. Which is weird.

Implementing gamepad input: