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Dev Journal: Time Throttle 7

posted Oct 6, 2017, 5:35 PM by Good Idea Games
With the help of the Game Maker asset store, copious research, and smashing my head against a wall until the wall made sense, I've made some great progress in POC2 for Time Throttle.

At this point I have a 1-4 player, gamepad enabled top-down shooter with basic time manipulation.

Player hovercraft are floaty, and operate as if floating in space. The handling is pretty good.
Bullets bounce indefinitely, reducing their speed as they do so.
Left Trigger slows time globally, Right Trigger accelerates time globally.
The camera zooms in and out to ensure all players remain visible on the screen.

But there are still some significant issues I need to fix before I can consider this proof-of-concept complete:
Player craft get stuck when they collide with obstacles.
The time grenade just drops a 4 second AOE around the player. I'd like it to shoot forward, and detonate with player releases the 'a' button.
Still no scoring. I'd like players to earn 10 points per successful lap, and lose 1 point per bullet they collide with.
Also sound. I need some sort of sound effects.

No game end conditions. I think a 1 minute timer is a good place to start.
This weekend is set aside for family time, so I won't be able to continue development until next week.

Helpful Resources:
Angular momentum demo: this helped me get my non-physics craft operating smoothly.
Multiple-Object Camera: my first imported Game Maker asset, this freebie isn't *perfect*, but it's fantastic for my POC. It took a complicated problem away immediately.