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Game Chef 2012 review: The Eleventh Hour

posted Apr 21, 2012, 12:05 PM by Good Idea Games
Cult Progress

Summary: Told in 3 acts, players are cultists working towards the end of the world. With rotating Game Masters, all players get to contribute. Int eh final act, one player is revealed to be an investigator, and must try to stop the ritual. 

Roses: A little Call of Cthulhu in reverse, the detail paid the cult goals will really help keep players on task, and keep the narration dark. Reading this game has me literally excited.
Density: Mike's game fits very nicely in the space provided. In the final draft I'd like to see some examples of play, how multiple GMs are involved in scenes containing multiple cultists, but the game is playable as released.
Points of Improvement: There is a sentence or two that could be reworked, and I think the rules would benefit from a stronger voice. They would be a more interesting read if they had more character to them (see Apocalypse World for an example of what I mean).
Final Thoughts: I have a deep and abiding love for apocalypse, and this game will really help me play out that fantasy. In a way that doesn't actually destroy the sun. This game presents strong tools to tell a compelling story in the space we were given. I've already saved a copy to my "play list."