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Playtesting Bogeymen

posted Jun 26, 2012, 8:23 AM by Good Idea Games

Bogeymen is in the final steps of editing, and my play tests are remarkably fruitful. Consider: failure is the greatest opportunity to make improvement.

 Ingenero provides great tools for interpersonal drama, providing documented queues for characters to disagree and butt heads over the course of a game. To this end, character generation can be “tuned” far tighter than in most games.

 Right now, I am tweaking the characters’ traits and motivations to create the right group dynamic between the boys in Bogeymen.

As far as design of a module goes, I'm thinking that sometimes less is more. I provide a lot fo clues and resources in Bogeymen, but that doesn't take away the GM's responsibility to present a story and hooks to the characters. Playtest B tried just that, and though the clues were compelling and gave the players the tools they needed, the play was far less exciting without a stronger hook.