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posted Sep 22, 2012, 5:09 PM by Good Idea Games
Slander has been under production for over a year, not just milling around as ones and zeroes, but actually (laser) printed cardstock being passed back and forth. Lunchtime cram sessions have been spent to tweak and retweak the game's pacing to find the fun, and I am very proud with how it has come out.
Slander represents what Good Idea Games is all about: a collaborative effort intended to produce fun. It is a casual, thematic, party game, where players make up crude entendres and insult each others' daughters. Tea and monocles are appropriate accessories.

By releasing the Beta, I am hoping to collect input from a diverse group of volunteer play testers. Until now, production has been very siloed, so I could use the feedback. It's fun, I promise.