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Time Throttle: Dev Journal 12

posted Oct 15, 2017, 10:10 PM by Good Idea Games
Things are getting interesting!
I've implemented the first of my necessary VFX, flame and smoke.
This was important, because I need some on-screen effects to slow down, to give the appearance that time is slowing, not just speed.

This means that my flame and smoke need to be 'objects' that can store the data necessary to receive and recover from a time modification. And consequently, this has shown me that I'm not properly destroying my data structures, and when I create 120 new objects per second (smoke+fire) I have a massive memory leak. This means the game doesn't recover the memory it's used, and the footprint just steadily increases.

It has to be fixed.

Also, my flame and smoke sprites are too small and symmetrical for any animation to actually be noticedm so the desired effect of animation slowing down isn't happening. But I can fix this.

Also, I have a local speed boost on the right trigger, but it doesn't get undone... so using it permanently boosts your ship's clock time, reducing cool downs to ~0. Good Times!

Here's a video!