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Time Throttle Dev Journal 12

posted Aug 2, 2018, 4:49 PM by Good Idea Games
Getting my wheels spun back up with Time Throttle, today I spent some time on more superficial visual behaviors.
  • Smoke now spins clockwise, counter clockwise, and has variation to its longevity. This was more important than you'd think, because seeing all the smoke spinning in an identical way was distractingly bizarre.
  • Entering a time sphere now reduces the turning rate of player craft. This should have been the case all along, but it was missed somewhere when I was experimenting with different controls.
  • Thrust Flame now exerts a force on objects in the game. It will push obstacles, players and projectiles around.
All of this is just procrastination though... what I really need to do is the tedious, uninteresting work of building a menu system that lets players change their control config and sound options. Unfortunately, that's a bit of work, and I'm not sure if anyone will ever *play* this game outside of my own living room, so spending the time on that seems... wasteful.

UNLESS... I build it in a way that lets me recycle the menu and config system for future games I build!