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Time Throttle Dev Journal 13

posted Aug 14, 2018, 9:49 AM by Good Idea Games
For the past year I've been using simple graphics on Time Throttle, because I wasn't sure what visual style I wanted to go with, but my tastes are starting to settle.

I'm a huge fan of 1996's Rocket Jockey (and I *really* home that Burn Ward's upcoming Rocket Jockey Reboot manages to see the light of day). This was one of those games that was absolutely formative in my youth. It left a big mark that makes me want to design games that give players this sort of an experience.

I've recently fallen in with a rough crowd of post-apocalyptic die-cast car modders (imagine taking off-the-shelf Hotwheels, and modding them to look like they belong in a Mad Max film), and there's something extra fun about playing with toys. While I never had a chance to play the Micro Machines game on PSX, I understand that it remains one of the jewels of the top-town racing genre. Long story short, I want to try to capture the essence of playing with toys by making a game environment that feels like a high-end miniatures game being played on the kitchen table.

Here's a top-down photo of 'Red Rocket', one of my custom diecast models, done in the style of Time Throttle. I'm hoping to find a proper way to incorporate high resolution miniature photography into my game, to give it that playful, imaginative feel.