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Cardtrek: Space Wars

Cardtrek is a cooperative, deck-building team game designed to play out daring space combat of the distant future. Players each take on a station aboard the “Queen of Spades,” a warship tasked with exploring the deep reaches of space, discovering alien races, and killing them.


Cardtrek is played out as a series of battles where the “Queen of Spades” tries to reach the Galactic Center to pillage the Progenitor Homeworld, and return back to Earth. All along the way, chance encounters give opportunities to trade, fight and ally with the alien races across the galaxy. 

Battles are played out during timed turns where Crew Members draw action cards out of their station decks and coordinate to build an effective attack plan. Over time, players can customize their station decks to specialize in certain maneuvers and attacks, but they must be careful, because over specialization makes the ship vulnerable.  Warships are tough to kill, and though the players pay survive a few lost battles, every point of damage they take makes the ship less reliable and repairs are few and far between.

Very Beta:

Cardtrek game play is untested, and at this time, game play is restricted to ship vs. ship, which will requires between 6 and 10 players. Future development of this this game will work to reduce player counts from 6 to 3, and game time to 45 minutes.

Good Idea Games,
Sep 11, 2014, 8:50 AM