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Office Work

Concept Only

Players are office workers competing to earn promotion, while getting the least amount of work done during the day. Gameplay promotes petty backstabbing and temporary alliances.

The game ends when... whats the point?
     life goals for peons? new boat, six kids? management?
     should be appropriately trite. should requite manager to curry favor with peons.

Play consists of 5 rounds, during which players draw “tasks” and use “Action Cards” to trade ownership and delay completion of work.

Each Round represents one week. Some Tasks have a due date that may allow them to be in play for several weeks.

There are two types of workers, Managers and Peons.

Managers get to assign their work to others without playing special cards, but if their tasks aren’t completed they get demoted to grunt. This player plays their cards to force others to complete their work.

Number of managers in play is proportional to number of players 1 manager for 3-4 players, 2 managers for 5-6.

Grunts play cards to pass around jobs, and delay completion. Tasks are completed automatically by whoever has them. Peons who dont have tasks to complete each week earn a point.

Drawing cards is equivalent to salary. managers draw more cards, but also draw tasks that must get done. Managers who fail to get tasks done by their staff get demoted.

managers have cards to block reassignment?

     managers should be able to pick favorites, and have players that they give beneficial treatment to.

If a player doesn’t have any work in front of them at the end of the day, and there is no manager, they are promoted to manager.

If a manager’s task is not completed at the end of the day, they are demoted.

If multiple people qualify for a management promotion, no one gets it.

Players can earn Promotions and Demotions based on performance. Managers  have tasks that require completion from subordinates. If these tasks are not completed, the manager will lose their promotion.