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Service Co.

Service Co. is a post apocalyptic table top RPG, set in a world so efficiently managed by our AI overlords, that that people are no longer educated. In fact, the highest valued traits are ignorance, conformity and wealth. 

Players take on the role of Service Desk Technicians, the lowest paid, lowest status indentured role in the solar system. In a world where ignorance is prized, the players' ability to think critically and problem solve makes them effective at their jobs, and social outcasts.

Paranoia meets Idiocracy, in a tabletop adventure for players willing to grow.

The game is intended to play out over 3-5 sessions, and lead the players through a journey of self discovery, where they discover that despite their low social status, they are the only free humans in the solar system. The game is kind of all about players discovering this themselves, so Shhh!

Very Beta:
This game consists of little more than a set of crib notes.
Good Idea Games,
Sep 11, 2014, 9:38 AM