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Shady Grove

A competitive puzzle game for 4 players. An unusual twist on a game a little less random than go fish and bingo, players start the game with little understanding for the reason of play or the meaning of the game. Only through discussion and play are players able to reach informed decisions about the choices they make.

After the game, players are able to tell a unique story about their experience, driven by the choices made during play.

The Shady Grove Narrative Card Game is played once per printing, as the cards are destroyed though play. The purpose of Shady Grove is in part, to uncover the mystery of what story is being told and to encourage discussion. As such, it is only playable once per group, though each player can share it with another group.

Because Shady Grove is a game of discovery, only one player is allowed to know the full text of the game prior to play. To accomplish the managed release of information, the rules of the game are printed on the following pages that are revealed to players as the game plays out.

Shady Grove is a provocative game with a serious subject matter. This game may be uncomfortable for some players. Doctor’s discretion is advised.

Beta: This game is kind of a downer. Developed and Discarded for Game Chef 2012, I was exploring the concept of self-destructing games.

Good Idea Games,
Sep 11, 2014, 9:49 AM