Playtest Kit Now Available!

Players are British Lords trying to improve their status in the Royal Court by dropping everyone else down a peg. The best way to do this is to slander the other Nobles’ daughters. Unfortunately your own wild daughter seems to be doing her very best to compromise your family name herself, by performing some very unlady-like acts. Cover up the truth about your own family, while bringing everyone else's indiscretions to light in this party game for 3 or more players.

Playtest Kit includes
5 illustrated daughter cards, and 5 blanks
50 illustrated "Accomplice"  cards, indicating the common folk about town your daughter may meet with.
50 illustrated "Entendre" cards, suggesting the unlady-like things your daughters might do.
60 lascivious "Event" cards, providing ample opportunities for your daughter to misbehave.
20 cruel "Secret" cards that players can reveal to counter Slander used against them. 

Play time is thirty minutes.

Download the Beta 1.0 Playtest Kit