Compressed Steam Technology

Compressed Steam Technology not only allows their engineers to build powered tools and weapons, but to store that energy in a usable, non-volatile form. This has been integrated into all levels of technology, from automated prosthetics to warfare.  They also have access to some more advanced technologies, such as sonic hammers, night vision goggles, and powered walking suits. As powerful as their compressed steam technology is, it still has some severe limitations. All technology powered by compressed steam has a very short operating life (single shot weapons, close range fighters) unless it is directly connected to a large compressed steam tank (like mining equipment).

The Single Mouse Steam Bi-Plane revolutionized flight and modernized air combat. Outfitted for launch from an airbase or Zeppelin, these short range fighters are fast and versatile. Docked nose down under a Scout Zeppelin, they can be launched at full speed from a stationary air ship with only minimal preparation from the ships mechanics crew.

Though they are not naturally adept at tunneling through dense rock, Mice and Rats have compensated with specialized mining technology. They use steam powered machines, small area black powder explosives, and sonic beams to ease the task of mining. Powered mining suits provide heavy lifting and integrated mining tools.

Whether this technology was discovered first by Mice or Rats is a matter of great debate, with very little evidence pointing to one side or the other. More than 
one bar brawl has been started over this topic.