High Adventure!

The Wings and Tails book comes with a complete adventure, designed to be run in four evenings. This is a scripted adventure, which means the Game Master may run the game with little preparation or improvisation, but comes complete with branching plot elements, allowing the players to choose the fate of their kingdom.

This adventure puts the players in combat vs. dangerous Pirats, blood thirsty Marmots, and the beasts of the Wilde. It calls for them to make the difficult choices that guide the future of the Mouse Kingdom of Wensleydale. 

Wings and Tails keeps the action diversified by providing many unique puzzles for the players. Though conflicts may resort to combat, players will also be challenged to complete logic puzzles, race through a maze, or to resort to roleplay to talk themselves out of a tight spot.

As well, this adventure simulates daring air combat by using the Wings of War board game. This provides the players with a fun, strategic, and highly visual way to interact with the world during these sessions.

The Adventure is 51 pages, and the book includes 18 pages of printable resources (maps, tokens, charts) to help run the game.