Sample Character

Wings and Tails features six character archetypes, with sample characters, each with character art and a biography, so your players can start right away.

The Engineer

This Mouse is a genius in a long line of geniuses. Her father was a master clocksmith, her mother a gifted Archivist. Growing up in this environment, she took quickly to new knowledge, and was never at want for tools, toys or experiments. 

     The Engineer joined the Royal Airnavy as soon as she came of age, following her heart to those incredible flying machines. In training she took rapidly to all manner of skills training, and found herself naturally inclined with all things mechanical. 

     Tragically, the Engineer lost her left arm while performing a field repair on the clockworks of a War Machine during a training exercise. This would not hold her back.
 She built a clockwork replacement with an integrated toolkit, so she would never be caught without the right tool for the job. Her arm was steady enough to get her through flight school, and now she is entering active duty. 
Her parents are old, but they are proud of their daughter. She has a great fondness for them, and the country that let them all live the life they loved. The Engineer writes them letters every week.