The Mouse Kingdom of Wensleydale

Upon the discovery of the compressed Steam Engine, the original Mouse Empire began to rapidly expand. Over the course of generations, the Empire grew too large, and began to splinter into dozens of independent nations. There are dozens of Mouse Kingdoms, that cover most of the known territory in the Wilde. They can vary in size from a single grove to multiple forests, and can house any number of herbivorous forest creatures. All creatures that live within and cross between kingdoms must pay a storable food tax to the Mice. This is a certain amount of storable food, such as dried fruit, preserves, or canned goods. To the creatures in their kingdoms, the borders of the Mouse Kingdoms offer protection from predators, and most animals are satisfied to pay the tax.

Wensleydale considers itself to be the most civilized Mouse Kingdom in the world. The majority of the population lives within the walled-city of Wensleydale Court, and they tend to live peaceful and productive lives as craftsmice and entrepreneurs. The city has its fair share of agriculture, but Field Mice and Rats tend to live outside of the city, and have a dramatically different lifestyle. Life in the city is relatively safe for this age, as Rats, Mice, and any number of other small creatures, are permitted to go about their business. A Mouse can enjoy a warm cup of coffee (one of Wensleydales most expensive imports) at a café, while reading the morning news.